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DWX Compact



Introducing the newest addition to the Dan Wesson pistol lineup – the DWX Compact. This unique firearm combines the quality, performance, and design of both Dan Wesson and CZ. Boasting ergonomic features drawn from the CZ 75 Compact, the DWX Compact is perfect for shooting accurately from any position.

The DWX Compact is lightweight, weighing only 30.8 ounces, and is equipped with Henning aluminum grips to keep the profile as slim as possible, which makes it perfect for concealed carry. It utilizes the CZ 75 Compact double-stack magazine body, which is a tried-and-tested component. The compact version has a capacity of 15+1 and is equipped with Henning aluminum base pads for enhanced durability. Its locked-breech barrel system is easy to take down by using the slide stop, just like a CZ 75-style takedown. Overall, the DWX Compact is a top-of-the-line concealed carry option.

The DWX has a bushing-less barrel system that is similar to the P-10, P-09, or P-07, making it easy to remove the match-grade barrel. With standard 1911 parts, gunsmiths and competitive shooters can customize the DWX to their preferences. The Dan Wesson Compact is both concealable and highly shootable, providing you with confidence and enabling you to perform at your best.



  • Tritium front Night Sight, For those who want to acquire the front sight quickly in the daytime and in dark lighting.
  • Fixed Battlehook Rear Sight, This rear sight gives you the best possible reference to quickly recognize what you need to see to hit your target.
  • CZ-75 Compact Ergonomics, For exceptional feel and grip.
  • Serrated Rib, Our flat top rib reduces any glare between the front and rear sight.
  • Square Hammer, This is our spin on an edgier, tactical, Commander hammer.
  • Flat K style trigger, The flat K-style trigger is a twist on the standard three-hole trigger that looks like a ‘K’.
  • No MIM parts.
  • Ned Christiansen Frag pattern texturing, for superior grip in all conditions.
  • Borrowing the CZ 75 Compact double-stack magazine body, the compact has a 15+1 capacity with Henning aluminum base pads for added durability.


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