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Pointman Seven PM-7



While similar to our Pointman 45, a few differences make the Pointman Seven California legal!
The PM-7 maintains the legacy features that originated from the Pointman series, such as adjustable rear sights, blacked-out front sights, 25 LPI mainspring housing checkering, and a smooth front strap. Complete with double diamond cocobolo grips to make the pistol more secure in the hand, the PM-7 is ready for the Golden State.
SKU 01900, the PM-7 in .45, differs from the rest of the Pointman series in that it lacks the inverted top rib, fiber optic front sight and front-strap checkering.



• Serrated Front Sight, The sharp serrations on the back of this sight destroy glare, giving a crisp sight picture no matter what angle the ambient lighting is coming from.
• Adjustable Rear Sight, Great at the range, this adjustable rear sight has a serrated rear face, knocking down glare and giving a crisp sight picture.
• Front Serrations, Forward cocking serrations give solid purchase for press-checks.
• Traditional Cut, The traditional cut keeps the lines of the traditional 1911 slide with a dustcover swoop.
• Tactical Hammer, The skeletonized hammer helps to reduce weight and maintains the clean look of the pistol.
• Long K-Style Trigger, The long K-style trigger is a twist on the standard three hole trigger that looks like a ‘K’
• Mainspring Housing Checkering, Our 25 LPI checkering on the flat mainspring housing provides the means for a superb grip.
• Smooth Front strap, Sometimes less is more, the lack of checkering on this frontstrap highlights the smooth stainless frame.
• Square Butt Profile, The standard square butt profile for those who prefer a traditional look.


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