Q. What is procedure for sending my gun in for service or warranty work?

A. Please go to click on the support tab, and then look for Dan Wesson warranty request form.

Q. I am not the original owner of my gun is it still covered under warranty?

A. No, Dan Wesson has a 5 year limited warranty with the original owner.

Q. What lube and cleaner do you recommend on your guns?

A. The Duty finish is the most durable finish on the market, however harsh cleaners will discolor it. The protection will still be there but you could cause streaking. There are literally hundreds of cleaners and oils on the market and more being produced every day. There is no way for us to test everything and that is why we only recommend a few that we know will work and work well. It is very important to stay away from strippers and degreasers. Generally, if it is safe for polymers and Painted pieces it will not discolor the Duty Treat, these are usually oil based cleaners.

We recommend, FP-10 , Miltec-1 and TW25b grease for the rails. These are the only products we recommend to grease the rails.

Kroil will work as a cleaner and bench rest shooters have used it for years. You may have to let it soak as it is penetrating oil. We recommend FP-10 as a kind of a do all, lubricant, cleaner and surface protectant. Any light gun oil should work as a surface protectant as well.

Don’t get overly concerned with having the gun spotless. Generally a good wipe down and maybe a little scrubbing with a toothbrush and cotton swab every 500 rounds is all that is really needed. Keep the rails and barrel hood good and wet and the gun should treat you just fine.

Q. Can I find out manufacture date on my old revolver?

A. Unfortunately on these older revolvers we don’t have specific information on a manufacture date. We can give a timeframe based on where the revolver was made and is stated below.
Monson, Mass from 1968-1980’s
Palmer, Mass from 1989-1994

Q. What model is my revolver?

A. Send a picture of your revolver to and we’ll try our best to assist you with identifying your model.

Q. Will the shrouds you currently sell fit my older revolver?

A. Please send a picture of your revolver to We prefer to see a picture of the revolver to visually confirm if our current shrouds will fit your gun.

Q. Do you still sell parts for older revolvers?

A. Yes, we do carry some parts for the older revolvers. Please call 607-336-1174 x21 for more details.

Q. What is the mailing address of Dan Wesson facility?

A. Dan Wesson Firearms
65 Borden Ave
Norwich, NY 13815