Fall hunting seasons are right around the corner, do you have confidence in your deer rifle?

Whether you need the ultra-rugged carbon fiber-stocked Sporter Manners or the nimble, open-sighted Carbine, we’ve got a handful of 557s in stock in our warehouse. Built on our new billet push-feed action, the 557 combines modern precision with our legendary hammer-forged barrels, culminating in one of the best new rifles of 2014. Don’t just take our word for it though, head over to Outdoor Life’s 2014 Gun Test, where our 557 earned their 2014 ‘Great Buy’ award.


Here’s a rundown of what we have available in our warehouse at the moment:

  • 04140 – CZ 557 Sporter cal. 30-06 with beechwood stock
  • 04800 – CZ 557 Sporter cal. 30-06 with semi-fancy walnut stock
  • 04820 – CZ 557 Sporter cal. 30-06 with Manners 100% carbon fiber stock
  • 04850 – CZ 557 Carbine cal. 30-06 with iron sights

Get to your local authorized dealer to get an order placed.

Check out the Dan Wesson Razorback in action!

Razor with Axis

Our Dan Wesson Razorback 10mm is an incredibly versatile pistol. Not only is it a great defensive handgun, it makes one heck of a good firearm for hunting as well. Television celebrity Razor Dobbs takes his Dan Wesson RZ-10 after a variety of game, from hogs to Axis deer. This week he’s chasing Whitetails on Sandstone Mountain Ranch in Texas Hill Country.

Check out his show, Razor Dobbs ALIVE, airing on the Outdoor Channel this summer. Air times are Tuesdays at 12pm (EST), Fridays at 10pm (EST)  and Saturdays at 2:30pm (EST).